What is your calling in life?  We, the Sisters of the Cross and Passion, have found our calling here, in our community. You have read a bit about our history and our ministries, and now it might be time to begin considering a journey of faith that could change your whole life.

As Sisters of the Cross and Passion we Choose Life by bringing the hope of the Cross to the crucified of the world; living in relationship through dynamic consecration; responding to what God is doing now in our lives; accepting the uncertainty of tomorrow whilst risking the gift of today.

We believe that God invites extraordinary and very ordinary people to a way of life filled with a sense of mission and commitment.  God says to each of us: “I have called you by name, you are mine”.  Perhaps your response to those words will mean that your path and ours will meet and even join into one.

If you have an inkling that God is calling you to do and be something special in the Church, please contact us. Decision-making is always done well in good company.  We promise you our support and prayers as you search for your path.

We ask your prayers for us, the Sisters of the Cross and Passion, as we travel our path through life as ministers of compassion and hope in a fractured world.